People love Monkeys – the reasons for the love are numerous and varied!  Regardless of the reason…. millions of people love them.  Their antics, family love, freedom as they swing in the trees make these cute animals irresistible.  In the animal world, monkeys are the closest in nature and development to humans.  We wanted to define a range of tee shirts which will appeal to monkey lovers, but also raise money for a number of different charities supporting primates.  Our aim is to rotate the charities which we support to ensure that funds are shared between the various species to ensure that they remain for all our future generations to love and enjoy.

Until the end of September, for every purchase, a percentage of our profits will go toward the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International (, to do whatever we can to help ensure that we do not lose these precious primates which are so much at risk from poaching and man.  Please help us support this crucial work!

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