Daveliou™ Oil Paints Set – 12ml (0.41 fl oz) X 24 Paint Tubes

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The Daveliou Professional Oil Paints Set is a high-quality set of 24 tubes of oil paint that are perfect for painting and creative expression. Each tube contains 12ml (0.41 fl oz) of paint that is richly pigmented and provides excellent coverage. The colors in this set are vibrant and offer a wide range of hues to choose from. The oil paints are easy to work with and blend well, making them ideal for artists of all skill levels. Create stunning works of art with the Daveliou Professional Oil Paints Set.

  • 24 tubes of oil paint
  • 12ml (0.41 fl oz) per tube
  • Richly pigmented for excellent coverage
  • Vibrant colors with a wide range of hues
  • Easy to work with and blend well


DAVELIOU™ PROFESSIONAL ARTIST QUALITY HIGH-GRADE OIL PAINTS allow you to unleash your creativity with this artist grade eco non-toxic medium.  Wake up in a creative mood and start your oil painting with the Daveliou™ Oil Paint Set – Formulated with the same handling qualities and characteristics of a true oil-based paint with good color strength, thick consistency, highly pigmented, good lightfastness & permanence.  High Pigment Density formula helps you achieve intense and light resistance colors.  Our excellent color strength and natural oil emulsion holds color mixing, subtle blending, brush strokes, structured depth and vibrant colors that jump off your canvas and bring your paintings to life!  Every 12ml (0.41 fl oz) tube contains premium-quality pigments that allow for vivid colors that stay vivid.  Unlike other paints, our premium oil emulsion consistency enables fast inherent drying allowing outstanding body and gloss control characteristics that are brushable retaining peaks and ridges when applied in thick applications.  These paints come without the negatives of traditional mediums, so it is easy and simple to clean your paintbrushes, the Daveliou™ Paint Tubes Set provides an unbeatable solution...

24 COLORS CAREFULLY SELECTED AND CERTIFIED SAFE WITH ASTM D-4236 AND EN71-3 (CE) standards, these professional graded paint pigments have been graded for color lightfastness and categorized as I and II, which are considered permanent for artists' use.  With colors that inspire, your imagination can run wild as our 24 Color Oil Paint Set gives endless possibilities to your artist painting – Suitable for professional artists, children, and beginners, anyone can use the Paints in our Collection without mixing.  Professional Artists will love the way our paints blend easily giving an unlimited long-lasting Color range that will not fade.  Daveliou™ oil paint set Premium Quality... you can paint with confidence!

The Secret Behind Every Great Artist…
is an expression in each paintbrush stroke!

“Every Painting is a Highwayof Imagination” 

FLEXIBLE EFFECTS LET YOU TAKE CONTROL AND BE BOLD with beutiful blending of our Oil Paints, allowing you to effectively blend colors and create the masterpiece you envisioned!  Utilizing the most up-to-date organic and inorganic pigments with water-based surfactant binders, designed to preserve the brush handling qualities intrinsic in extra fine oil techniques. Pigments have a uniform viscosity providing superior adhesion, tinting strength, durability, smooth texture and excellent lightfast ratings with high chroma, transparency and pigment density.  Produced with water-based natural surfactant binders making them bisphenol 'A' free as they are constructed from natural ingredients such as vegetable extracts, plant dyes, and natural minerals.  As these are non-toxic and non-hazardous paints making them free from phthalates and produced without animal by-products or other dispersing agents, are vegan-friendly and do not contain lead, mercury or formaldehyde.  The binder composition is free from insect or animal constituents such as ox gall, gelatin, casein, tallow, bone char and animal testing and do not contain Floetrol or Polyvinyl Acetate, providing a vibrant and durable medium.  The perfect set for your artwork and painting parties!

 ✅EVERYTHING YOU NEED – To produce a work of art, anywhere!  This professional art kit offers a comprehensive set comprising a color palette of oil paints that comprises 24 shades, in 12ml aluminum tubes (protective screw caps preserve paint quality whilst extending lifespan), squeeze tubes provide exact and efficient paint application – Allowing for endless painting possibilities – Suitable for professional artists, children and beginners!

 ✅DEAL FOR ALL ARTS AND CRAFTS – Whatever the occasion or mood – classroom, art class, studio or painting party, then you’ll need this paint set – Start enjoying and creating your masterpiece…  Just find the inspiration and get straight to work – Perfect!

 ✅ OIL PAINTS THAT OFFER EXCELLENT COLOR STRENGTH – Amazing versatility, and a premium finish.  Ideal oil working viscosity, miscibility, solubility, drying time structures these paints can be diluted with water or modified with oil media, gels or pastes.  Natural oil emulsion holds color mixing, blending, brush strokes, structured depth, the Daveliou™ Oil Paint Tube set provides an unbeatable solution.  The result?  OILS YOU’LL LOVE and YOUR BEST ART YET!

 ✅ VIBRANT COLORS – Lay down with richly pigmented vibrant colors that jump off the surface and bring your paintings to life – Every 12ml tube contains oil colors that flow easily out of the tube, ready to paint or be mixed and applied to the surface of your choice, Daveliou’s premium-quality pigments allow for vivid colors that stay vivid...

 ✅ BE BOLD WITH EFFECTS – Designed to deliver a variety of finishes, enhance your painting with oil’s unique layering characteristics unattainable with other media, inhibiting cracking or separating.  Thickly loaded oil brush adds a fresh expressive element to painting.  These oils work brilliantly with superior performance on canvas, paper, fabric and wood!

 ✅FROM US, TO YOU At Daveliou™ we strongly believe in caring for the environment and the community!  Our aim is to inspire artists worldwide and provide products that are non-toxic, easy to clean up (water based) and vegan friendly.  Being recognized for outstanding service has remained at the forefront of our philosophy, and always will.

 ✅ SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – If for any reason you’re not satisfied, simply contact us for a no hassle refund.  Our 1-year money back guarantee means you can try our oil set at zero risk!

Your paints are an investment – thorough cleaning and storage after each
session helps performance and longevity...

DAVELIOU™ PROFESSIONAL ARTIST QUALITY HIGH-GRADE OIL PAINTS allows you to unleash your creativity with this artist grade eco non-toxic medium.  Wake up in a creative mood and start your oil painting with the Daveliou™ Oil Paint Set.  Formulated with the same handling qualities and characteristics of a true oil-based paint with good color strength, thick consistency, highly pigmented, good lightfastness & permanence.

Typical Customer Experience...

Check out what B.A. says about Daveliou™ water-based oil paints: Great for Bob Ross Dupes!  I bought this set of oil paints to use them for Bob Ross tutorials - I'm sure anyone buying a tube of oil paints knows of Bob Ross.  I managed to finesse a whole set of 13 Bob Ross colors out of this Daveliou set of oil paints.  B.D. the beauty of this set is that it has 24 pre-mixed shades and any beginner will tell you that mixing colors is one of the trickiest skills to master, even before you put brush to canvas.  In theory, you could make do with seven or eight basic colors, but the convenience of having so many vibrant shades ready to use cannot be overstated.  You will still be mixing, but your base will be a well-balanced clean color.  The other thing I really like about this set is the consistency of the medium.  I remember having to add so much linseed oil to some brands that the work would take days to dry.  These paints have a lovely consistency, not too thick, not too runny, so you can work quickly and even start to overlap a little on your first day.  These paints are also non-toxic, which is always nice if you care about your health and that of your family.  As far as I can tell, the quality is high and the low price is probably introductory.  As for durability, only time will tell, but the lifetime guarantee suggests to me that the maker is confident.  Happy painting!

Daveliou™ artist grade paint tubes are produced without animal or insect by-products or other animal / insect dispersing agents or testing, providing a safe vibrant non-toxic and durable pigmentation and suspension that is designed to preserve the brush handling qualities intrinsic in extra fine oil techniques.

Daveliou™ paint set represent great value, with no compromise on quality!

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Daveliou™ Oil Paints Set – 12ml (0.41 fl oz) X 24 Paint Tubes

Daveliou™ Oil Paints Set – 12ml (0.41 fl oz) X 24 Paint Tubes

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