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DAVELIOU™ ART STORAGE HOLDERS & VERSATILE ORGANISERS are perfect for arranging and displaying your paint brushes and paint tubes while painting. The lightweight Daveliou™ Art Storage Holders are designed for ultimate organisation, protects valuable paint brushes/tubes/tools from damage and leakage, helps to maintain a tidy working environment, and keeps brushes and paints within reach. Crafted from natural materials and ethically sustainable sources, this collapsible holder is easy to clean, without compromising durability prevents mould decay, and is made to last. Innovative protection maintains and safeguards your cherished paint brushes/tubes/tools from damage. These conveniently secure roll-up storage holders also features specially designed flaps that prevents valuable items and variety of your art implements from falling out unexpectedly. The soft fine natural canvas is durable and resilient, with a breathable fabric structure. You’ll never misplace a shade of paint, brush type or tool or implement ever again!

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Daveliou™ Paint Tube Holder 12ml (0.41 fl oz) – 24 Slot Artist Natural Canvas Rollup Case

Organize your paint tubes with ease using the Daveliou Paint Tube Holder. This canvas roll-up case features 24 slots that can hold 12ml (0.41 fl oz) paint tubes. The natural canvas material is durable and easy to clean, making it...

Regular price $27.97 $21.55

Daveliou™ Paint Tube Holder 40ml (1.25 fl oz) – 24 Slot Artist Natural Canvas Rollup Case

The Daveliou Paint Tube Holder 40ml (1.25 fl oz) is the perfect solution for storing your paint tubes. This canvas roll-up case has 24 slots that can hold tubes up to 40ml (1.25 fl oz) in size, making it easy...

Regular price $28.97 $23.55

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